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'Just great' Demon thought to himself. 'I get the sin of Hate, and the guy rides a mororbike.' He continued, running alongside the bike. He was in the city, and had to carefully weave around as he followed the maniac human. 'It's a good thing he can't actually kill me, or I would be very worried' He chuckelled to himself. Suddenly the Sin skidded to a stop as he rounded a corner. He began to tumble off the edge of the road and down the cliff.
'No! If he dies I'm Dead!' He swore and Goped for his book, and quickly scanned the pages. 'Nothing! Nothing'. And as he was pulled over the cliff and began to fall he saw the guy open his mouth and scream. He began to think over his life and was about to realise his sin when SMACK!
Demon landed on his body with a silent Thud. He groaned and rolled over and gazed at the Sin. He was breathing, barely. 'Come on!! Remember your Sin!!' Demon urged. He wanted to get away for his week off. Once this guy was done, he could go and cruse along the coastline and go to some demon parties.
He smirked as he thought of all the trouble he could cause-Pop. He frowned, where had that sound come from. He glanced down and nearly cried out in fright. His lovely golden Chain of fate! It was Fading.
He kneeled and cried out. "DON'T let me die! I have so much to offer the world!!" He desperately tried to think of something. He smirked when he realised he had nothing, but shook it off as his chain of fate vanished as the boy breathed his last. He opened his eyes a scond later, the boy was still there, and there was still no chain.
He gazed to his hands and had to smile in delight. He was a free demon! He smirked and rubbed his hands together. There were a lot of things a free demon could do in this town. As the sirens began to sound he cast one look back at the kid, and then dashed away, heading for the city.
He made it there a few hurs later and was smirking when he paused and actually looked at the streets. All the Demons were running around, pacing, and crying as their chains vanished. This was unthinkable, if all the sins were wiped from the world.....Then-He turned as a demon rushed past him, screaming in agony. He burst into flames and was gone.
Turning rapidly he saw the same thing happen over with the other demons. He began to sweat, it was going to happen to him as well. "It doesn't have to." He turned to see a woman with flowing black hair flow out of the night. He hissed and said "What do you want human?"
The lady didn't say a word, but she did pause and gaze at him. He glanced down to his hand, he was starting to get warmer. "I can save your life, and the life of the other demons." He raised his head and peered at her. "And why would you do that missy?" He growled. She nodded her head and said "The reason for all of the Humans Chained to demons being killed is due to the Book of stories unwriting itself."
She paused and he looked at her if she was stupid. "It's simple, if you promise to bring order back to the book of life, then I will give you your life, and all your 'friends' lives as well" He growled and glanced behind him. He was so hot! Eventualy self preservation won over suspicon of what he was getting himself into.
"OKAY! Fine Fine! I'll do whatever you want Now Hurry up I'm steaming!" The woman flicked her hand and a black substance flowed out of her hand. He stepped back as it swirled around his neck and formed a loop around the other end. The lady said a single word "Chain" And the black stuff shudderd and morphed into a golden colour.
He watched wide eyed as it formed a direct copy, no an even better version, of his Chain of fate. He stared, openmouthed as she nodded once and flicked her hand. The black stuff flowed around him and he heared her say something as it al went black. He would think of those words and shudder sometimes in the future. "I am Lady Ink."
Note to Judges: This guy is going to join up with my first character in the first round, so it's not two seperate characters.


Character Name: Demon(As in Desmond)

Image: [link]
Made by my awesome friend: [link]

Physical description:
He is about half the size of an adverage human
Goblin like face(Long ears with holes in them and a long thin face with a feral smile on them, Think of a demon sculpture, but long and thin with flat ears.)
His body is hunched and twig like. It's bruised all over and looked like crinkled parchment. His hands are like a thin clawed hand, and his feet are, best way to describe it is draconic, but in a poition where it looks like they would fit better on his back. (Deer/dragon-ish)
He has a small rat like tail, and small horn like markings on his head and a small tuft of black hair. (Think little simba from the lion king.)
He also has a golden collar on, with a golden chain attatched to it. It has a collar on the end of it and he should be holding it in his hand.

He is a Discord Demon.
A discord demon is also called The Demon of Sin. He is chained to a human because they are guilty of a sin. The sin of guilt, the sin of love, etc;
The human can not see the demons unless they have some special filter, or aren't humans(For example Sythers)
He was once a Hate Demon, but lost his human in a car crash and lost his Chain of Fate(The golden chain around his neck. He recoverd it via Lady ink when he gets chosen.)
The chain can not be broken unless the The human breaks the Sin, or dies.

He is a Sarcastic quick witted smart alec who would rather crack a joke and then dash away then enter a battle. He does have a serious side, but it rarely comes out.

He has a small book called the Demon Guide Book which lists the spells he can use as his current Sin. The pages are blank when he isn't connected to a Sin.
His powers(When he joins with Lonella)
He can use the chain like a whip and Launch Lonells toward the target, and thn be pulled along by it.
He can make himself as heavy as a golden statue and either force The person he is connected with(His Sin) to be unable to move, or use it to make sure they can't be dragged away.
Due to the chain's nature, it allows Demon to hear all of Lonella's thoughts.(And only hers)

Who they were chosen by:
Lady ink.
He got a replacement Chain of fate(OR simply Chain.)
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