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March 29, 2011
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Lonella snuck though the moonlit street, as silent as the cars put to bed. The slept on as she passed them quietly, glancing to a house that she had been watching for a few days now. Today was the day she would finally get into that house. The person had unknowingly left a 3rd story window open. And there just so happened to be one of those ladders which went all the way up to the roof, fire escapes was it? She shook the thought away as she slunk up the steps, careful for any step that might cause the most minuscule sound. She had to balance speed with silence now, she was in full view of certain people. It was a good thing people didn't look up often. And then she was there. She stuck her Scythe in the room and used it as a small mirror to look for any traps. There was a pressure alarm on the window frame.  With one step back, she leapt into the room. She glanced at the pressure point and then she was through and safe. She glanced around rapidly. Then relaxed slightly, she was safe. It was the only alarm in the room. She gazed around the room and saw nothing valuable and so went over to the bookshelf. She felt drawn to it for some reason. There were books on ships, stories that all looked the same. In fact, it looked like very other bookshelf she had ever seen. She took a step back and tripped over a book. She winced at the noise and stayed still till she was sure she was safe then reached out and grabbed the book. All at once sirens began to sound and she realised the book had been attached to a wire.

She frowned, who puts a trigger alarm on a book on the ground? She grabbed the book, it must be valuable, and dashed out the window as police came through the door. She glanced down to see them coming after her and began to run up the stairs and was soon on the roof. She glanced around for an escape and dashed for the nearest rooftop with as much speed as she could muster. She ran and jumped for the lower roof. Smacking down caused her no amount of small pain but she continued running taking the ladder down on the side of the building and dashing into the darkness. The cops were right on her tail as she ran through the maze of streets, her breath misting her breathing speeding up and her heart beating faster. "No…" She breathed as she felt her eye open. She felt her body speed up and quickly put the book in her backpack. It was designed that if she transformed it would stay hidden on her body and she would not loose it. She transferred to four paws and began to speed up. She could see the forest in the distance, her thoughts began to blur. And she was no longer Lonella, she was Syther. She dashed through the woods with ease, her keen eyes picking out minute detail as she chased down an elk and killed it. She howled and began to eat. Once she was done she began running toward her old home. As soon as she was there she growled and gazed at it through the trees, the humans had come into the forest. They had pointed ears now. She realised the forest was thinning even more and more. They were destroying her home! She growled and dashed away.

As she slowed she layed by a tree and waited patiently for her mind to return. Syther knew she would fix this. They were not separate personalities, just different parts of the same whole. Slowly the eye closed and she was left shuddering in the short grass. Her clothes were slightly town and the Scythes on her arm had grown bigger. She sighed and hugged herself. They had seen her, it was over. There was no way to get back the forest. She sobbed for a little while as the days went by and she watched the forest thin and thin. She caught what she needed to survive but that was gradually becoming harder. They were like ants, slowly destroying what was left of the beauty on her planet. It was at that moment she remembered the book that had opened her eyes to her old home. She pulled it out and gazed at the cover. It seemed to pulse with magic. She thought of the possibilities. If it was a magic book, she could restore the forests! She could restore her people and not feel like she was a crime against nature anymore. She would belong again! Her heart warmed at the thought. She put one hand under the cover of the book and felt the pages. They tingled with an unknown knowledge. She closed her eyes and said "Come on, it's for the forest." And with a sigh, she opened the book. A light shone out of it as she held a page in a reflex from reading many books and realised she was being sucked in. She tried to open her mouth but no sound came out. She held onto the page that was now her lifeline, and felt it tear. She whimpered, and then she fell into the pages and knew no more.
Alright ^_^ It's done. This is my contest submission for TBOS-OCT [link]

Character form:

Name: Lonella
Physical description:
[link] -Credit to JoTyler
Lonella is a human female, she had Black eyes, an eye tattoo(Black and closed) on her forehead, Dark brown hair, and a black shirt with a white bird logo on it, along with Denim pants with holes near the ankles and a pair of white joggers. On her arms just before her wrist is a blade shaped like a crescent moon, it's silver and is covered by this a leather glove that makes it look like it comes from the glove and not her arm. She's short, and on her back is a tear in her shirt revealing the jagged scar there. She's skinny, curved shaped body, she's 17 and pale in colour.

[link] -Credit to JoTyler
When she transforms she is a brown/black creature which resembles a wolf. The wolf muzzle has a silver blade on the top of it curving toward the face in a crescent shape. The eyes are black and on the forehead is a tattoo of an eye with the eye open and red veins pulsing in it. Down the spine more of the crescent blades come out, and the tail is a wolfs tail at the start but ands in three of the blades coming out of the end of it. The ankles on the legs have a much thicker and more prominent blade coming out.

Lonella was part of a special group of people who lived in the wilderness. They called themselves the Eye. They created a special tattoo which would open when it was time for them to transform into their true form. Lonella was art of a small group about to go their initiation into becoming an Eye. She gazed to her parents, their eyes full of pride for their daughter. Yes, she had done it, had gone through the process of learning about her kind, the Sythers. They were a special race that could shape shift. They were creatures that had stayed in secret in the largest jungle on their planet. The humans lived on one side, the animals on the other. As they got their tattoo’s Lonella had a strange thought, what if this was not right? She discarded it as they got into the line to begin their first transformation. She could feel the buzzing coursing through the limbs, the head making her hear beat fast and faster until she fell onto all fours and gasped. Her bones cracked and she yelled in pain as the blades grew out of her bones. And then came the exhilaration, she could hear and see and breathe and smell. Everything was so clear, like she had taken her head out from underwater.

There were cheers and she glanced to her brethren to see her shape. Then they all let out a roar and their cries blended into one. But then something went wrong. Somehow another hunter had found them and began to attack. She ran, blinded by all the sound and confusion. She ran and ran from the thing catching up to her. It clawed her and she let out a cry as pain blossomed down her back, quickly to be replaced by bliss. The creature gave up and after a long time she slowed to a stop, realising she was at the edge of the trees. She curled into a ball and began to shift back, the bliss turning back into pain. She shuddered in the cold as her scar healed slowly and soon was just a red welt. She stood up and whimpered when she realised she hadn’t fully changed back into the human form. Her eyes tattoo was closed, but on her arms the Scythes they were named after were still there. She snuck into a house and stole some leather and made a strap to make it look like her blades came out of the strap and not her arm, and headed into the town.

Personality: Lonella is a deep person. She is normally not very talkative because she is used to being silent, but when you get her talking you will find she has some very interesting views on things. She is not a hard person to gain the trust of, but friendship and such is as hard as climbing Mount Everest. Sometimes you will find her quietly crying to herself over things she can’t change in the past. When she is happy, it is a quiet happy, and she loves simple things. She loves to watch the rain fall around her as she walked down the street. She had a secret longing for nature, and will instantly warm to someone who knows her loss. When angered she will uphold the vendetta for the lifetime of the person unless they make it worth her while to forgive them. She is in constant fear of loosing herself to her other form.

Abilities: Lonella can shift into a Syther, a wolf like creature with hyper sensibility to everything. Lonella can also open her eye tattoo, or her minds eye, and read minds, but the longer she has it open the more chance there is she will transform into a Syther, which she does not want.

She was chosen by the book. Her page is a black piece of A4 paper with the lines etched in.
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